Listening to the Universe

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Between the 6+ years I played Roller Derby and the 2+ years of weightlifting the 1 rule I try to follow as much as possible is “Listening to My Body”. If my body was sending me signals telling me that it’s too sore to lift/practice because of whatever issue such as  joint problems or sore muscles I made sure to listen closely and do what was necessary even if  I didn’t want to. If my left knee is bugging me then I’m going to avoid certain exercises such as squatting… WHICH I LOVE DOING, but the last thing I need is to blow my knee out and then have to step away from training for who know how long.

Before I retired my playing Roller Derby I suffered a very bad ankle injury due to aggravation caused from skating and cardio work causing me to not lift and practice for 3 whole weeks and it was long and brutal 3 weeks and I HATED IT! Currently I’m doing the same eating/workout plan that I was doing when the injury occurred last year but this time around I’m being more conscientious about what my ankle can handle to avoid being being laid up for another 3 weeks. Plus take in to account that I no longer play Derby means a lot less stress on my ankles.

Now today wasn’t out of the ordinary as far as work and life goes but something happened that had never happened before since I began working out. I left work, drank my pre- workout on my way to the gym, checked in, got the locker room started to get my gym clothes out of by bag and that’s when I noticed something was a wrong. First, I noticed that I forgot to pack gym socks but I thought whatever I’ll just wear the socks I had been wearing all day and just roll them down. Then I saw that my hoodie was missing and I love that hoodie. Then the 3rd and final strike: I FORGOT MY HEADPHONES… OH, THE HUMANITY!!!

So, I’m standing all alone in the gym locker room sans socks, my hoodie, and my headphones with pre-workout running through my body and beginning to work it’s wonderful sweet magic. I then said to myself something I had NEVER said before at the gym, “I’m not working out today” and stuffed everything back into my bag, got in my car, and drove home with NO music what-so-ever playing which I believe is a first for me when leaving the gym but obviously this was far different than every other time and felt that this whole incident was somehow the universe’s way of talking to me telling me to not work out and to just go home, hence “Listening to the Universe”.

I’m not sure what the reason could be for the universe to suddenly just pop up out of nowhere and say “Hello”, but as I’ve gotten older I come to feel that instances like the one I had today have some sort of meaning to them even if I don’t ever find out what it is. All I can do is just listen and interpret what I can and go from there; today was not my day for weightlifting  and I just relaxed after work. Well, relaxed as the soon as pre-workout wore off.

Tomorrow I plan on returning to the gym to continuing my journey and working towards my goals. I don’t know if it’s going to be perfect but I’m damn sure going to get the most out of it. And if you’re reading this universe I have a request…


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