An Unexpected Visitor

My workouts and my diet had to be put on hold this past Friday due to an unwanted entity making an appearance. The dreaded and incredibly annoying stomach bug that many have gotten decided it was going to ruin my weekend and put me through a massive amount of uncomfortableness. I was laid up in my place and lived off nothing but water, seltzer, orange juice, ginger ale, and soup; talk about a liquid diet.

It’s been almost a week and I’m feeling much better but my stomach at times decides to get all grumpy and be a nuisance. I can still feel that my body still not 100% yet, but when an invisible viral assassin decides to have a 3-day bender my body is totally going to need the rest, plus it gives my joints a break… yeah, that’s right.

My goal is to make it to the gym on Saturday and Sunday and with me feeling better with each passing day I feel I’ll be able to do so. One thing I absolutely sure of that I’ll be doing is going to watch 2 of my favorite bands perform on Saturday night, Carnifex and Fallujah! I saw Fallujah late last year and it’s been 5 years since I last saw Carnifex so needless to say I’m overly excited to see them both and very fortunate that the plague infected me this past weekend and not now.Hopefully I’ll be able to get some live footage from the show to share with you all.

I’m actually pretty tired right now and not sure hat else to write so I’m going to call it a early night and get a couple extra hours of sleep in, and if that son of a bitch stomach bug decides he’s going to pay me a 2nd visit he going to have some BIG problems!


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