Gym Soundtrack: March 2017

code-orange-forever-album-2017Code Orange – “Forever”

The new album from Pittsburgh, PA Hardcore pioneers Code Orange is brutal, heavy, and very pissed off! The crunchy breakdowns really get me fired up during my workouts and surprisingly enough so do the experimental tracks, which finds the band exploring new territories and expanding their creativity.

“Kill the Creator” –

Cover-1Diskreet – “Infernal Rise”

Diskreet’s killer 10 year old debut EP is still one of the most vicious Death Metal releases I’ve ever banged my head to. From the screeching guitars to the brutal vocals this record is a goto for when I need some extra motivation.

“Entrails” –


Extinction Level Event – “The Catalyst”

Well this is certainly an interesting record to say the least. A heavily influenced Meshuggah-style band comprised of a vocalist, drummer, and 3 bass players… 3 BASS PLAYERS!

“Entropy” –


Testament – “Low”

My favorite album from these gods of Thrash Metal when they’re began incorporating elements of Death Metal into their sound. Plus this is one of my all-time favorite album covers.

“Ride” –

1000x1000Within the Ruins – “Invade”

This is a really fun album to listen to when I’ve killing myself at the gym. Super catchy riffs combined perfectly with awesome breakdowns and there’s a lot of them!

Red Flagged –

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