Gym Soundtrack: August 2017

In August I finished Jim Stoppani’s “Shortcut to Shred” program, started his “Shortcut to Size”, and listened to some sick Metal along the way. Here’s some of the cool albums I’ve been rocking out to while getting some SICK HEAVY GAINZ!

Dead Cross – “Self-Titled”

When I found out that Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer) were in a Metal/Punk band together I was already on board to bang my head to it. The music is catchy, deranged and really fun to listen to, especially when I want a want to add a little more skitzo to my workouts. If you’re fan of Patton and his other musical endeavors then I highly recommend this gem. If not, still listen to it anyways!

Key Track –  “Grave Slave”:

A1xbxL+h8CL._SX450_Fit For An Autopsy – “The Great Collapse”

Fit For An Autopsy has been around for a while now and I’m now just getting into them (shame on me). Their most recent release “The Great Collapse” is executed with precision and relentlessness tearing faces and limbs off one track at a time whilst addressing political/social issues. Deathcore fans rejoice because this is one of the finest examples of the style! Also, what the hell was my problem that I never listened to these guys before? I’ll have to look into it…

Key Track – “Black Mammoth”: 

Megadeth – “Rust in Peace”

“Rust in Peace” was the first Megadeth release I ever listened to (thanks to my older cousin) and it’s not only one of my favorite Metal albums but one of my favorites throughout music itself. I could listen to this album start to finish at full volume with the possibility of my ears bleeding  and still love every second of it!


Key Track -“Rust in Peace… Polaris”:

Napalm Death – “Order of the Leech”

With all that’s been going on with political and social issues it’s no surprise that the godfathers of Death\Grind, Napalm Death obliterated my eardrums with “Order of the Leech”.  The guys from England weren’t taking crap from anyone when they recorded this massacre of the senses that’s filled to the brim with seering guitars, pounding blastbeats, and the iconic growls of vocalist Barney Greenway spewing forth lyrics that are still relevant today even after 15 years since the album’s release.

Key Track – “Blows to the Body”:

Thy Art Is Murder – “Death Desolation”

Australia’s Thy Art Is Murder gets a lot of hate but that don’t bother me none! Their new album “Death Desolation” is easily their best work to date, delivering brutal Deathcore and even experimented by implementing new elements into their sound. This record has been in high rotation on my gym playlists since it’s release.

Key Track – “Puppet Master”:

There’s a lot of music coming out in September that I’m very excited about so look out for the “Gym Soundtrack” post on the last day of the month and find out what albums I was digging!

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