Twin Peaks: Music from the Roadhouse


Roughly 11 years ago a very good friend of mine introduced me to what would be my favorite television show of all-time, “Twin Peaks”. I borrowed his out-of-print VHS (that’s video tapes for you young ones out there) box set of the series and entered “a place both wonderful and strange”. Along with the prequel film, “Fire Walk with Me” the world of “Twin Peaks” has had a lasting effect on me since that is still difficult to describe. This year creators David Lynch and Mark Frost brought the series back with an 18-part series “Twin Peaks: The Return” that sent me spiraling to oblivion and back, hitting every nerve and emotion that I could possibly feel and experience as I and many others watched events unfold that I can only describe as astonishing.

Music is a very important to me especially when it comes to TV/film and “Twin Peaks” showcases one of the best scores ever created by Angelo Badalamenti, who once again delivered impressive work for “The Return”, but leave it to Lynch to push the art of TV further as each episode had a musical act at Twin Peaks’ favorite late night hangout, The Roadhouse. The performances where so powerful and gripping that at times they were my favorite part of the episode (which I still can’t believe considering what was going on in the show) and with series just ending this past weekend I figured it would nice to look back at my 5 favorite performances that graced the Roadhouse.

The Chromatics – “Shadow” (Episode 2)

The 2-part premiere of “The Return” picked up 25 years after the original series ended and was filled with an array of imagery and more questions than answers (of coarse it did) concluding with The Chromatics and their absolutely beautiful song “Shadow”. After everything that I had just watched it was nice to be soothed by an eerie atmospheric tune that allowed reality to set back in and realize that “Twin Peaks” was back and I couldn’t be happier.

(The) Nine Inch Nails – “She’s Gone Away” (Episode 8)

Nine Inch Nails’ dark and creepy “She’s Gone Away” is one of the highlights of last year’s “Not the Actual Events” EP and I can’t tell you how many times I had listened to it before it was used in the show. The song’s lyrical content as powerful as it is on its own is magnified even further when used in context of “Twin Peaks” and is featured in what I believe is the most important episode of the “The Return”.

Rebekah Del Rio – “No Stars” (Episode 10)

“No Stars” is delivered perfectly and gorgeously by Rebekah Del Rio who you might remember from Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive” and Richard Kelly’s “Southland Tales”. She possesses the voice of a goddess; just watch and listen.

The Veils – “Axolotl” (Episode 15)

I had never heard of the Veils before “Twin Peaks” but I was instantly a fan when they brought the house down with this electrifying performance of “Axolotl”. The haunting ghost-like vocals and catchy chorus are what really sell this song for me, making it my favorite song performed at the Roadhouse.

Julee Cruise – “The World Spins” (Episode 17)

Julee Cruise returned to the Roadhouse for the last time to perform a portion of her iconic song from the original series and it was breathtaking. Even after all this time the song still hits close to my heart and proves that a great song never dies. Questions were still unanswered going into the final episode but there’s no question in my mind that this was the perfect song to close with bringing the Roadhouse performances to an end.

“Twin Peaks” is over and I don’t know how to feel about… I suppose I’ll just have to watch the entire series countless more times and decipher what I can and indulge in good conversation with others who love it just as much as I do.

Yeah, that sounds good to me.

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