Gym Soundtrack: September 2017

It’s time once again to share some of the awesome albums that I listened to this month while I was destroying at the gym! I listened to so many great records in September it was difficult to decide which ones I wanted to showcase, but I was able to narrow it down to these 5 so take a look and listen and maybe you’ll find something that you like!

CELTIC-FROST-Monotheist-DLPCeltic Frost – “Monotheist”

Monotheist” marked the final release for Celtic Frost in 2006 and I was very fortunate to have seen them in concert when they toured to promote the album. I decided to listen it after not doing so for a very long time and I truly forgot just how evil this it actually is. From the song ambiances to the lyrical content Celtic Frost constructed a diabolical bleak masterpiece that really got my blood flowing during workouts.

Key Track –  “Ground”:

0009868855_10Incendiary – “Thousand Mile Stare”

So I made a new friend at the gym this week who like me wears band t-shirts when we’re there. He recommended that I check out Incendiary’s new album “Thousand Mile Stare” and I’m really glad he did because it hards and fast. There’s so much energy and intensity packed into 28 minutes, and the breakdowns… OH, THE BREAKDOWNS!

Key Track – “Awakening”:

a1442432790_10Ion Dissonance – “Cast the First Stone”

Canadian Deathcore maniacs Ion Dissonance are a band a specifically listen to after I’ve had a bad day and just want to go rage lift to relieve stress. Last year’s “Cast the First Stone”  easily does the trick with thundering drums, blistering guitars, and VERY pissed off lyrics.

Key Track -“Ill Will”:

powerflodebutcdPowerflo – “S/T”

Featuring members of Cypress Hill, Biohazard, and ex-Fear Factory, Poweflo brings the Rap/Metal back to life with their debut record. It’s a fun album to rock out to that’s filled with some groovy riffs and catchy lyrics.

Key Track – “Finish the Game”:

septicfleshcodexcdSepticflesh – Codex Omega”

When I heard the phrase “Symphonic Death Metal” I knew I was going to love it, and I wasn’t wrong at all! Greece’s Septicflesh new release “Codex Omega” is absolutely devastating to the senses. The overall delivery of album is calculated with extreme precision and epic brutality. I often listened this on my heavy lifting days.

Key Track – “Enemy of Truth”:

There’s a lot of music coming out in October that I’m very excited about so look out for the “Gym Soundtrack” post on the last week of the month and find out what albums I was digging!

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