Gym Soundtrack: October 2017

This month has been so crazy that it’s be difficult finding time to sit down and write, especially with my trip to Austin,Texas coming up on Friday to celebrate the wedding of one of my best friends! But I wasn’t about to make this month a wash writing-wise so here are 5 amazing albums that I listened to throughout the month while in midst of my size/bulking program (which has been progressing nicely)!

1000x1000Aversions Crown – “Xenocide”

I picked up the newest release from Australian Deathcore powerhouse Aversions Crown shortly after if came out but for some reason I never got around to listening to it until just recently. Now it’s become a personal favorite of mine, especially on my heavy lifting days. I just caught these guys live a week ago and they were so heavy that I thought the venue was going to collapse!

Key Track –  “The Soulless Acolyte”

92d0a9584666e7152a396b79f0d7271a.960x960x1Enterprise Earth – “Embodiment”

Enterprise Earth was another Deathcore band that played alongside Aversions Crown last week and were the one band on the bill that I knew the least about. Well, after experiencing their live set of brutality and fierceness I was instantly a fan. “Embodiment” showcases some excellent vocal and guitar work making it a amazing listen in and out of the gym.

Key Track – “Deathwind”

MI0001416974Pig Destroyer – “Terrifyer”

I wanted to listen to some Grindcore this month and though they’re are countless bands in the genre there are none that deliver in the fashion that the mighty Pig Destroyer does! Even after its release 13 years ago I still believe “Terrifyer” to be one of the greatest Grind (and pissed-off) albums of all-time!

Key Track –“Towering Flesh”

Seeker_Loss_3000Seeker – “Loss”

While on the subject of “pissed-off” albums, the Texas-based Seeker released their sophomore offering “Loss” and somehow it’s even angrier than their debut “Unloved”. The band unleashes a refreshing version of hardcore/grind intensity similar to that of the Power Violence act Nails.

Key Track – “Void” 

Veil-of-Maya-False-IdolVeil of Maya – “False Idol”

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Veil of Maya just released my absolute favorite album from them! I thought the departure from straight-up Deathcore on their previous release “Matriarch” was a good move for them, especially with the addition of clean vocals. It’s nice to see that they’ve continued to evolve their sound even further on “False Idol” making it an immensely thought out and mature Metal record.

Key Track – “Whistleblower”

There’s a lot of music coming out in November that I’m very excited about so look out for the Gym Soundtrack post on the last week of the month and find out what albums I was digging! Also be sure to check out my Instagram page to see even more albums that I’m listening to.

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