Gym Soundtrack: March 2017

Code Orange – “Forever” The new album from Pittsburgh, PA Hardcore pioneers Code Orange is brutal, heavy, and very pissed off! The crunchy breakdowns really get me fired up during my workouts and surprisingly enough so do the experimental tracks, which finds the band exploring new territories and expanding their creativity. “Kill the Creator” – Gym Soundtrack: March 2017

Gym Soundtrack: Wormrot – “Abuse” & “Dirge”

The Singapore-based trio known as Wormrot is one of the best Grindcore bands of all-time. Formed in 2007, the band has established them as one of the most ferocious bands in the genre releasing 2 incredibly produced albums, “Abuse” (2009) and “Dirge” (2011), that have a combined runtime of 41 minutes that provide the relentless intensity and anger … More Gym Soundtrack: Wormrot – “Abuse” & “Dirge”

Gym Soundtrack: Aborted – “Termination Redux”

To celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band, the Belgium Death Metal force known as Aborted has unleashed “Termination Redux”, a 5-track EP that has the ability to rip your face off if you tread softly (and not just because the the artwork features a close resemblance to the Violator from the “Spawn” comic series and what … More Gym Soundtrack: Aborted – “Termination Redux”