Blog Update!!!

Since I recently decided to change the direction of my blog I figured it’s only appropriate to explain just what it’s going to focus on. What’s in a Name? Obviously, the most apparent change is the blog’s name, going from “Far Beyond Derby” to “Heavy Metal Therapy”. The concept of “Far…” was sharing my love … More Blog Update!!!

Song of the Week: Overkill – “Come and Get It”

Today I’m very excited because I get to see Overkill, one of the greatest Thrash Metal bands of all-time for the first time and this has been a long time coming! They were one of the first Thrash bands that I ever heard but for some reason I’ve never made it to their live show to experience … More Song of the Week: Overkill – “Come and Get It”

Gym Soundtrack: March 2017

Code Orange – “Forever” The new album from Pittsburgh, PA Hardcore pioneers Code Orange is brutal, heavy, and very pissed off! The crunchy breakdowns really get me fired up during my workouts and surprisingly enough so do the experimental tracks, which finds the band exploring new territories and expanding their creativity. “Kill the Creator” – Gym Soundtrack: March 2017

Song of the Week: Lorna Shore – “Denounce the Light”

Lorna Shore hail from New Jersey and they produce some of the finest Deathcore I’ve ever heard. I had the opportunity to see them last weekend as they are currently on tour with Carnifex and they were devastating to witness prompting me to purchase their new album “Flesh Coffin” which has been worth every penny. “Denounce … More Song of the Week: Lorna Shore – “Denounce the Light”

Song of the Week: Carnifex – “Drown Me in Blood”

  California’s Carnifex has been in constant rotation on my playlist the last 2 weeks in preparation for seeing them tomorrow night. They’ve been around for along time and have progressive immensely as band with each album especially with their latest offering “Slow Death”, in which they continue to draw influence from Black Metal all the while keeping … More Song of the Week: Carnifex – “Drown Me in Blood”